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Who we are ?

Provide services including customer debt recovery, customer care and flexible consultancy.   
We are sensitive to our customers and employees. We offer an extremely private and confidential service. We always adopt a considerate, friendly and courteous approach with the debtors to ensure better business relationship whilst simultaneously protecting the interest of our clients. We understand that your debtors are your clients and therefore we believe in resolving the bad debt collection matters through friendly negotiations by using proven negotiation techniques. 

What we do ?

  • Debt collection or debt recovery is vital in all business. We act as an extension of your team, with the advantage of being perceived as a third party by your customers.

  • As a genuine business partner our aim is to maximize the recovery of your debt in a way that salvages, supports and even strengthens your customer relationships through a consistent management approach and discreet conduct.

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Help our clients to achieve their business objectives
Converting loss into profit by providing excellence work
in effectively while approaching defaulters in courteous
and tactful manner. 

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